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The Derrick Services provides inspection with high quality digital photographic documentation..


The Derrick Services team of industrial climbers, operates safely and efficiently..


We have first-rate products for all types of welds in addition to having a solid structure to provide a fast and quality services. .


The Derrick Services is also a company that provides water jetting services with abrasives..


Derrick Services specializes in assembly of metal towers and structures for oil and natural gas industry.

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The DERRICK SERVICES industrial climbers team, certified by IRATA in compliance with Petrobras standards, performed the assembly and maintenance of the drilling towers of the SS45 Atlantic Star and SS20 Olinda Star Platforms becoming the first Brazilian company to build a tower drilling on national soil.

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We participates in several projects investing in training and specialization of its team in rope access, aiming to promote solutions for critical projects..

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We have several technology projects using new artificial intelligence! Also specialization of our team to promote professional solutions for all critical inspections services..

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